worst driver ever

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by chargeddub, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. chargeddub

    chargeddub Posting- God

  2. Dos Jotas

    Dos Jotas It used to say Admin here

    There were a few instances where taking his foot of the brake would have saved him.

    He seemed pretty amature. That is not a car to learn how to Auto-x in.
  3. neverfollow

    neverfollow Well-Known Member

    I was getting dizzy from all the circles he was doin! He had a lead foot on a lot of the exits= spinning.
  4. chargeddub

    chargeddub Posting- God

    i think alot of it was him treating the throttle as a on/off switch
  5. dankg60

    dankg60 Well-Known Member

    my thoughts exactly. i think he just like the sound of his car too much, hence the constant flooring of the throttle.
  6. Rovert

    Rovert Young Steak... aka Veal

    he thinks hes steve mcqueen.

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