Wrapped: 2013 Honda Accord - 3M Matte Metallic Grey

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    Yo! Check out this 13' Honda Accord we wrapped up a few weeks back. I'm sure you will see this thing around Rochester, Its hard to miss a finish like this.

    3M Matte Metallic Grey body
    3M Gloss Black Trim Wrap
    Tinted Tail Lights with Cutouts

    Notice we dis-assemble everything in order to get the fit and finish perfect every time. You wont find any miscuts or loose ends on these cars... 100% Show quality

    Check out the Blog Posting for all the pictures on this car.

    Thinking about doing something like this over the winter? Give us a call at 585.398.8172 and mention Dubs In The Buff and we will give you 10% off!

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